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Chaga Dual Extraction Tincture

Chaga Dual Extraction Tincture

SKU: 0005



Chaga mushrooms have been used in Asia, Russia, and Siberia for hundreds of years and tinctures are the most efficient way to use these mushrooms.  This is because mushroom fruiting bodies are made up of a component that our bodies cannot digest called chitin.  Due to this chitin, the number of beneficial compounds we can extract from just ingesting or eating mushrooms is minimal.  We would have to eat a lot of mushrooms to get the same number of beneficial compounds that you would receive in just one dose of a mushroom tincture. In a dual extraction tincture, two different methods are conducted to get the full spectrum of beneficial compounds the mushroom has to offer. Certain medicinal components can only be extracted through a lengthy distilled alcohol soak while the others can only be extracted through a slow cooking process using water.

We pride ourselves on the potency of our products and you can see how much darker our extractions are compared to our competitor’s products.  Our goal is to create one of the strongest tinctures on the market and to do this we take part in every step of the process; from growing our own mushrooms to extracting our own medicine. Through each stage, we meticulously ensure that no corners are cut and that every opportunity to maximize our tincture’s potency has been taken.


Reported Benefits:

-Boost your Immune system

-Lower Oxidative Stress


-Anti Viral

- Anti Cancer

-Improve Endurance

-Improve Heart Function

-Lower Diabetes

-Improve Hair, Skin, and Nails

-Support digestive health, and much more…


  • At Medicinal Mushrooms Hawaii, we stand behind our products 100%.  We carry the highest quality products available, and we want our customers to have the opportunity to experience them without risk.  If you are not satisfied with a product for any reason, simply return it to us within 30 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping charges) *.  See refund policy for more information.  If you do want to conduct a return, please mail back your product to: MMH, 95-318 Haakualiki Pl., Mililani, HI 96789.  Once we receive the product back, we can provide a full refund on the payment method you used to purchase (we do not provide a return shipping label).

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